Tuesday, December 16, 2014

How to Add Subtitles to Videos

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Whenever we download a subtitle for any specific video, we just rename the subtitle with the video’s file name in order to play the subtitle with the video. So, How to add subtitles to videos? Or you can ask, How to embed subtitles in videos? Don’t worry I will share the easiest, fastest and maybe the best way to add subtitles to videos.

We will use a tiny but powerful tool called ‘MKVToolNix’. It was mainly made for the Matroska (.mkv) files, but works with various formats of videos.

So first of all, download MKVToolNix. You can download the installer file or the portable version of MKVToolNix. This tool is also available for Mac and linux.

So, if you have downloaded the installer file, install it and open ‘mkvmerge GUI’ form your desktop or Start screen/Start menu. But if you have downloaded the portable version, then extract the files from the archive and open ‘mmg.exe’.

Open mmg.exe if you are using the portable version.
Open mmg.exe if you are using the portable version.
Now add the video and the subtitle file by using the add button or simply drag and drop the two files into ‘mkvmerge’.

Drag and drop the two files

Then press the ‘Start muxing’ button to start the process. A new pop up window will open, which will show the running progress and the muxing will complete within a few seconds. You will find the new video file embedded with the subtitle at the same directory of the source files. For instance, if the source files are ‘Angels and Demons.mkv’ and ‘Angles and Demons.srt’ then the new file would be ‘Angels and Demons (1).mkv’.

Press the ‘Start muxing’ button to start the process

#Bonus Tip
#How to Edit Subtitles Like A Pro!

If you want to get the subtitle file from any video or if you want to just edit any subtitle file then my best recommendation would be ‘Subtitle Edit’. One of the best free subtitles editor on the market.