Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Top 5 Google Chrome Add-ons For Every User

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Yes, I am talking about the useful ones, not any fancy add-ons. Nowadays, Google Chrome is totally dominating over the web browsers and of course we love it. So, it’s time to enhance your Google Chrome experience. I have done my research and some creepy experiments to give it a boost. So, find out the best of the best!

Top 5 Google Chrome Add-ons For Every User

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1. Chromium Wheel Smooth Scroller

You know smooth scrolling? Okay, if you don’t, just open a website on Mozilla Firefox and scroll it upside down. Felt the smoothness? Yes, it’s called smooth scrolling but don’t know why Google Chrome ignores this awesome feature! However, there was a time when you could enable this feature from the experimental features (you can access through chrome://flags/) of Google Chrome.

Chromium Wheel Smooth Scroller

Anyway, that’s why ‘Chromium Wheel Smooth Scroller’ exists. It helps you to scroll faster and smoothly. After installing the add-on, you can customize the options like Step Size, Smoothness(Forepart), Smoothness, Acceleration Sensitivity and Bouncy Edge. Right click on the wheel icon to access options.

2. PageArchiver

Usually when you save a complete webpage using “Save as” feature, it creates an Html file and a folder which contains the Images, CSS and JavaScript.

So, with PageArchiver you can save an entire webpage as a single Html file embedded with Images, CSS and JavaScript. It won’t make a folder! Handy, isn't it?


Just one more thing, you have to install ‘SingleFile Core’ add-on in order to use it.

3. Print Friendly & PDF

Whenever you print any webpage or download it as a PDF, it shows the entire webpage and it’s not optimized for printing and looks creepy on the PDF because of the sidebars, Ads and unnecessary images!

Print Friendly & PDF

And now ‘Print Friendly & PDF’ comes to the rescue. :D With ‘Print Friendly & PDF’ you can save your printer ink and make beautiful clean PDF by removing the sidebars, Ads and unnecessary images. In fact, ‘Print Friendly & PDF’ automatically removes these annoying stuffs to make your Print ready and PDF friendly. Also you can remove texts and Images manually.

4. Project Naptha

You can copy texts from Images with Project Naptha. Just select/drag the texts with your mouse and right click to find options like Copy Text, Select all, Translate, Advance etc.

Project Naptha

Just remember one thing, Text recognition won’t be accurate all the time so, you have to fix them manually, but it’s far better than manual transcribing.

5. SpeakIt


Drag/Select texts on a webpage and right click to select ‘SpeakIt!’ or you can click on the icon and it will speak those texts for you! Also you can change voices and speech engine. Bored reading? Okay, now you have a better way. ;)