Thursday, September 25, 2014

Add Google Chrome Like Tab Functionality in Windows Explorer

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Have you ever imagined that you can add Google Chrome like tab functionality/Style in Windows Explorer? I guess no, but don’t worry you will be able to add this awesome extension to your Windows Explorer after reading this article. ;) This extension will do the exact same thing as the browser does!

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Add Google Chrome Like Tab Functionality in Windows Explorer

For example, in Google Chrome browser you can open multiple tabs in a same window but in windows explorer you can’t, you have to open in a new window every time you want to open a particular folder and it isn't fair! It slows you down. But as we all know, there is a solution for every problem.

Now let me introduce the awesome extension! It’s Clover which will literally change your windows explorer experience. Clover 3.0.406 is the latest version available (at the time of writing the article). Clover supports only Windows XP/Windows 7/Windows 8/8.1 and it’s available in multiple languages. Clover helps you to open multiple tabs as many as you want in a single window. Also you can separate a window by dragging the tab into the taskbar (Similar to Google Chrome Browser). See the screencast below:

Open tab in a new window

Clover is well coded software for sure and it has advanced windows integration system, what makes it a unique extension! Also clover uses a very small percentage of resources. So, it won’t affect windows performance!

Bookmarks Bar:

You can add bookmarks of your files, folders and drives by dragging them into the bookmarks bar, which is located on the top of the window. So you can instantly access your files. Also you can bookmark your current path by pressing Ctrl + D and your current path will be bookmarked in the bookmarks bar.

Useful Shortcuts:

Guess what, the shortcuts are also the same. Ctrl + T to open a new tab, Ctrl + W to close the tab and Ctrl + Tab to switch tabs.

So, why wait? Download Clover now!

Final Words:

I bet you couldn't wait to grab this amazing software. I heartily recommend it to every single windows user. However, if you face any difficulty during the installation, just inform me and I will take care of it.